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Q - Can I get a discount if I want to do multiple songs that day?

A -If you book more than one session at a time you get a $100 discount on the total.

​Q - If I get a great recording of a song we write, how much will he charge to pitch it for me?

A - Not one penny (provided it's up to industry standards). This is one of the top reasons why most people choose him!

​Q - Can I just mail in some lyrical or melodic ideas and say "Make this a song please?"

A - Absolutely. Your ideas may be transformed into a custom song, and you still get 50/50 song and publishing credit.​

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​Q - Is this a work for hire/ghostwriter situation ?

A - No, you will be an Equal Writer and Publisher on the song. It is divided as 50/50. You are simply paying for time Corey would be spending with another professional writer/producer with an equal or greater amount of cuts and contacts.

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Q - Will Corey register the song after the session?

A - If you are with BMI or ASCAP, Corey will register the song for you.​

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Q - Do I have to be there in person?

A - Although it's more fun in person, you can choose to send a zoom link or FaceTime. Many people prefer FaceTime on facebook as there is no time limit. With zoom, you have to have a professional membership or it cuts you off every 45 minutes.

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