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Your questions answered

We've put together some commonly asked questions about Cowriting with Corey to give you more information and the benefits he offers.  If you have a question and you don't see the answer, Please use the contact us page. 


Q - Is this a work for hire/ghostwriter situation  ?         

A - No, you will be an Equal Writer and Publisher on the song.  It is divided as 50/50. You are simply paying for time Corey would be spending with another professional writer/producer with an equal or greater amount of cuts and contacts. 

Q - Will Corey register the song after the session?         

A - If you are with BMI or ASCAP, Corey will register the song for you.​

Q - Do I have to be there in person?         

A - Although it's more fun in person, you can choose to  send a zoom link or FaceTime. Many people prefer FaceTime on facebook as there is no time limit. With zoom, you have to have a professional membership or it cuts you off every 45 minutes. 


​Q - Can I just mail in some lyrical or melodic ideas and say "Make this a song please" ?      

A - Absolutely.  Your ideas may be transformed into a custom song, and you still get 50/50 song and publishing credit.​


Q - Will he sing and record the work tape for me if I'm not a singer?         

A - Yes. 


​Q - If I get a great recording of a song we write, how much will he charge to pitch it for me?         

A - Not one penny (provided it's up to industry standards). With over 1,300 cuts & TV placements, this is one of the top reasons why most people choose him!


​Q - Anything I can do to be better prepared for a session?         

A - There are a couple of ways to prep for success:​

1 - Show up with several musical hooks, so that there are several options to choose from and run with.  

2 - Brainstorm about a catchy title.  Sometimes finding an original song title is half the battle and can eat up a good chunk of writing time. 


Q - Can I get a discount if I want to do multiple songs that day?         

A -If you book more than one session at a time you get a $100 discount on the total.


Q - May I bring in a 2nd writer to help split the cost with me?          

A - Yes. Keep in mind this would take your song ownership down to 1/3, since there would be 3 writers in the room in that scenario. ​


Q - What if I need to cancel due to a scheduling conflict?         

A - Although we aren't set up to do refunds, we will gladly reschedule for your next convenient date. ​


 Q - Has Corey had any "recent" success that may persuade me to book a session if I'm on the fence? "        

A - In 2023 alone, Corey had 192 Songs recorded by artists and placed songs in 14 movies.

Also,  we want to write because we feel something deeply.

When we share this encounter with a kindred spirit, the bonding that occurs is highly rewarding. ❤

​Q - What if I want to book a mentoring session and ask questions about the songwriting business? For instance, you would want more details regarding copywriting, publishing, song releases, metadata, speaking and contacting music supervisors, etc.​         

A - Corey Lee Barker has authored three books, some of which hit the Amazon number one selling list, and has held seminars across the United States.  Bring your questions and book copy for in-depth insights. 

1 - Hit Happens: Your Q and A Beginner's Guide to Nashville Songwriting  

2 - 101 Ways To Get Your Songs Recorded (Hit Happens Book 2)   

3 - Songwriting for Sync: Your Beginner's Q and A Guide to TV and Film Placements (Hit Happens Book 3) ​


Get back to inspiration

  • Excellence is not achieved overnight.

  • Maximum effort brings victory to light. 

  • Winning is reserved for those who don't quit.

  • Every journey worth making starts from within.

  • Stand-up for what your heart says you should do. 

  • No better time to dig in than right now,  =>  so go find a dream and then chase that thing down!

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