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Writing Music

Corey Lee Barker:

Create the music you love AND find great songs to help tell your story.

Cowriting, Consulting, and a Comprehensive Catalog of Cleared Songs for Sync

Join a multi-award winning songwriter in bringing your creative vision to life.


Find the perfect music for your project with fast-track clearance on pre-cleared tracks to capture the moment and captivate your audience.

Start a song from scratch as a pro or novice songwriter by booking a cowriting session or submit your heartfelt ideas online as a collaborative, per-song service.



About Corey Lee Barker

What's the number one question every song writer in the world wants to know? No, it's not what time Burger King closes. It's "How do I get my songs recorded?" Corey pulls from a great variety of well known tactics and dives into some unorthodox methods as well to help you think outside the box. Some will be obvious, some will be unique, and some you will kick yourself for not thinking of sooner. If you have creative passion and follow some of Corey's tried and true tips from writing with him or learning from his books, you will have an excellent chance at increasing your success rate. Corey is not only an amazing songwriter who has touched many with his lyrics; to be able to read his books and continue to learn with him is priceless. When you work with Corey Lee Barker, you will smile, laugh, and enjoy your own adventures in songwriting.

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